Amazon Drops Google in favour of Microsoft

This weekend Amazon have changed the search technology that powers their own Search engine “A9” – The search engine is a stand alone search site as well as being used to power search on the main Amazon internet retail site.

The A9 search engine was originally powered by Google has now switched to the new Microsoft Live search technology. This represents a great coup for Microsoft and the competition for advertising revenue with Google and Yahoo.

The A9 search engine offers something a little different from the typical search engine. In addition to search with Live it also allows the user to search in specific categories such as Books, Blogs, Movies and Wikipedia to name a few.

The previous Google search facility was turned of on Sunday and replaced with the Live search option. It is believed the contract between Amazon and Google had expired, it is not known whether any new contract was offered.

Google and Yahoo have created billion dollar businesses primarily based on advertising revenue generated by providing search facilities for their users. Microsoft were a little late seeing the potential in this market and are now working hard to bring themselves up to speed. The new Live search technology is the latest advance from Microsoft in their attempts to challenge Google and Yahoo for supremacy of the search market.


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