Appointing and Resigning Company Directors and Secretaries

The following user guide provides information on how to appoint or resign a company director or secretary to a limited company.

Company directors and secretaries of UK limited companies are termed ‘officers’.

It is a straight forward process to either appoint a new officer or resign a current existing officer. The process involves changing the official records held at Companies House by filing a form AP (for a new appointment) or form TM (for a resignation of an officer). These forms can be used to appoint or resign either a director and/or secretary to an existing UK limited company and are free to file.

Only one form needs to be filed if one person is being appointed as a director and a secretary at the same time. One form must be filed per individual so you must file individual forms if you are intending on appointing or resigning multiple officers.

Forms AP and TM can be filed with Companies House in two formats. You can download, print and post a signed hard copy to Companies House in Cardiff (the address is on the bottom of each form) or use the Companies House online WebFiling service.

It will take approximately 5-7 working days for Companies House to action the changes if the forms are posted in a hard format. You can download a blank form AP by clicking here - Form AP or a blank form TM here - Form TM

In our experience, forms filed via WebFiling take approximately 24 hours to be actioned. This can be a little longer if Companies House are facing delays or busy periods but it is certainly a more time effective way to make changes to your company. For information on how to file form AP or TM online with Companies House please click on the link below:
Companies House WebFiling Guide

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