Cerficates of Good Standing

The certificate of good standing is a Companies House certificate that is often used to demonstrate that your company is still registered at Companies House and that all filing duties have been met.

Many clients that are based outside of the UK but operate UK companies find that a certificate of good standing can be very useful. The certificate is produced by Companies House and is prepared by one of the registrars. The primary purpose of this certificate is that it helps to demonstrate that Companies House has no official record that your company has appointed and administrator or receiver. In addition the certificate of good standing may be considered as a ‘snap shot’ of the records held for a company as various information can be added to the certificate. The certificates are sometimes referred to certificates of fact.

The certificate includes the following information-


That according to the records on file the company has been in continuous and unbroken existence since its date of incorporation

No action is currently being taken by the Registrar of Companies for striking the company off the register and dissolving it as defunct, and as far as the Registrar is aware:-

a) the company is not in liquidation or subject to an administration order, and
b) no receiver or manager of the company’s property has been appointed

The following information can also be added by request

The Registrar further certifies that according to the documents on the file of the company that:-

a) Directors details
b) Secretary details
c) Registered office
d) Subscribers and shareholders details
e) Share Capital Details

Whilst a certificate of good standing may be accepted when presented overseas, it may also require an apostille certificate. For further details of how we can assist with an Apostille please visit our Apostille pages.

If you need assistance ordering a certificate of good standing or getting an apostille for a certificate of good standing then contact one of our team for help.



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