Changing Company Directors and Secretaries

The following user guide provides information on how to change the Details of Existing Company Directors and Secretaries

Directors and secretaries of UK limited companies are often given the encompassing term ‘officers’.

You can change any details relating to a UK company officer by filing a form CH01 (director) or CH02 (secretary) with Companies House. Form CH will allow changes to be made to an appointed officer’s personal details held at Companies House including changes to forename/s, surname and residential address.

Once completed, a form CH must be filed with Companies House. This can either be filed online using the WebFiling service or by mailing a printed and signed version to Companies House in Cardiff (the address is on the bottom of the form). Filing a hard copy will typically take 5-7 working days for the changes to be made. WebFiling usually takes 24 hours. Information on the WebFiling service can be found by clinking below.

Companies House WebFiling Guide

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