How to use Companies House electronic filing - Webfiling

It is now possible to file your Companies House forms online and free of charge. By filing online the changes are usually recorded within 24 hours.

The following is a clearly written explanation of Companies House webfiling system. If you have never used Companies House website to file company documents then this guide should be helpful. It is also available as a pdf document to download or print - Companies House webfiling guide

Go to Companies House website-
On the right hand side of the home page there are 3 options.

file documents online Select the top one – ‘file documents online’ and click the link –
Click here to access the webfiling service

This will take you to an information page. Read this and then click CONTINUE in the bottom right hand corner. The next screen will look like this-

Companies House registration page

The blue section is for users that have already registered at Companies House. If you have never used their system before then follow the green box ‘register here’ and PROCEED TO STEP ONE

This is where you apply for a security code. You will be asked for your email address. Please use a genuine email address as Companies House will email your webfiling security code to you.

On the next page you can double check your email address is correct. Then enter a company name to receive your ‘authentication code’. The code is then posted to the registered office address with approximately 5 days. This is done to stop fraudulent use of your authentication code. If it was emailed to you with your security code it would open the system to abuse. Companies House will not post this code to any other address.

If your company was formed by using Simple Formations then we supplied you with your ‘authentication code’ at the time of incorporation. It is a 6 digit code of alpha numerics (for example A1B23C) and is printed in your instruction letter. If you are unsure please contact us for advice.

If you already have your authentication code then simply enter your company number where asked. This will mean that your existing code is posted to you for confirmation. Do not worry, Companies House will not change your code.

Having completed this section you will now have four important pieces of information-

1. The email address that you supplied to Companies House
2. The security code that Companies House emailed to you
3. Your company number (on your certificate of incorporation and company documents)
4. The authentication code that Simple Formations supplied or that Companies House posted to you

You can now return to the webfiling service and login using the blue section of the screen and ‘sign in’. Having signed in the system will ask you for your company number and authentication code. You can now file documents for your company online.

Companies House registration page

Some tips for using Companies House webfiling-

Do not use the backwards and forwards button on your web browser. THIS WILL LOG YOU OUT
Do not click any button twice by mistake THIS WILL LOG YOU OUT
When any document is submitted you will receive email confirmation
For full support using web filing call Companies House on 0303 1234500.

Any questions or to place an order contact us