Company Directors – The Facts

All companies need to appoint a company director at the time of incorporation. These facts are provided to make forming your company easier.

You only need one company director.

UK companies must appoint at least one person as a company director. The person must be 16 years of age and not disqualified as a company director.

You can be a director of more than one company.

There is currently no limit to the number of directorships one person can have. You can be appointed as a company director for as many companies as you wish to be involved with. It is important to recognise the responsibilities associated with being a company director whenever considering taking on the role.

You can appoint another company as a company director.

In some circumstances one company may be appointed as a director of another company. This is more common in larger organisations and group structures involving several companies. However, all UK companies must also have a ‘real person’ appointed in addition. You cannot have a sole corporate director.

Company directors can live anywhere in the world.

There is often a misunderstanding that a company director must be a UK resident or have a UK address. This is not true. Company directors can live anywhere in the world. Whilst not being a UK resident may affect the company’s application for a UK bank account it is not a legal requirement that directors live in the UK.