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The following user guide provides information on the registered office address of a UK registered limited company.

A UK registered limited company is legally required to have a UK registered office address. This address must be in England or Wales if the company is registered in England or Wales and must be in Scotland if the company is Scottish registered.

The registered office address is held on the public register at Companies House and as a result, it is made available to the general public. All UK government organisations such as Companies House, HMRC (Inland Revenue) and the VAT Office will always send correspondence for your company to the registered office address.

To change the registered office address held at Companies House for a company you must file a form AD01. This can either be filed with Companies House online or by posting a signed hard copy to them.

It is quite acceptable for the registered office of a limited company to be at a residential address. You can also purchase a registered office address form a registered office address provider such as SFS.

When may I require a registered office address service? It is commonly found that people may not wish for their residential address to be held on the public register. In the case of the officers and shareholders of the company residing outside of the UK there may not be a UK address available. Living in rented accommodation, the rental agreement may also prohibit the address being used for registered office purposes. You may also wish to have a separate registered office and trading address, therefore giving the perception that you are a large company.

Where can I purchase a registered office service? We can offer three registered office address services in the UK. Two registered office addresses in England and one in Scotland. Our English registered office address services are located in Coventry (West Midlands) and London. Our Scottish registered office address service is situated in Edinburgh.

Our registered office address services can be purchased for 12 month periods (a 6 month option is also available form Coventry). The chosen address will be adopted by your company on the public register at Companies House. We will forward any of the official government mail received for your company to your designated forwarding address during the annual service.

To order our registered office services please call us free on 0800 328 7494

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