How do I change the name of a Limited Company?

The following user guide explains how to change the name of a UK registered limited company.

Change of Company Name (standard 5-7 working day service)

It is possible to change the name of an existing limited company. The registration number and date of incorporation will remain the same but the registered name will change and providing your chosen new name is available to be registered, your name change will be completed in approximately 5-7 working days.

Changing the name of a limited company is a straight forward process. You are required to send a Companies House form NM01 (available from the Companies House website) and a special written resolution to Companies House to apply for the name change, along with a cheque (currently £10 at 2010) to cover the government fee.

We can supply a fully editable electronic version of the written resolution that you will need. This resolution should be purchased from our simple online shop website.

To purchase the resolution of company name change please click below:
Name Change Resolution

The name change resolution is supplied with easy to follow instructions.

Once you have completed and signed the resolution it must be posted to Companies House with the £10 payment and form NM01. Companies House will accept your application to change the company name in approximately 5-7 working days when they will respond to you by mailing an official, Companies House produced certificate of name change. This will display your previously registered company name, the company number and the new company name.

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