Registered Office Addresses – The Facts

When registering a UK company you will need to provide Companies House with an official address. The following facts should help you with your company registration.

All companies need a UK address

When forming a company you must provide a UK address to Companies House that is recorded as the company’s official registered address. The address must be effective for delivery of statutory notices. If a notice is hand delivered to the company address or posted it must be accessible.

Using a PO Box

A PO Box number can only be used when provided in addition to a building number, street name, town, and post code. In general Royal Mail PO Box numbers and similar services are not suitable for this.

England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland addresses

The registered office address location will determine which country your company is registered in. Due to the differences in legal structures companies are registered in the following jurisdictions-

  • England & Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

If your company’s business location moves from one country to another after your company is formed you will need to keep an address in the same country. You cannot switch a company’s registered office from Scotland to England or vice versa. We can provide a registered office service if you need one.

Overseas directors without UK addresses

Many UK companies are formed by non UK residents. In these circumstances the company will need to use someone else’s UK address. A registered office service is often a simple cost effective solution.