How do I change the name of a Limited Company?

The following user guide explains how to change the name of a UK registered limited company.

Change of Company Name (express same day service)

Companies House provide a same day company name change service. If you require your limited company name to be changed the same day then Companies House will process your name change application on the day that it is received by them.

To apply for your company name to be changed under the same day service you must complete and post a special resolution of name change to Companies House accompanied by a cheque for £50.00 (fee valid as of 2010) and a form NM01 available from the Companines House website.

We can provide you with an electronic version of the written resolution. You will need this resolution to apply for the same day change of company name. This resolution is supplied in an electronic format instantly after purchase.

To buy the resolution of company name change please click below:
Same day name change resolution

Please note that Companies House will process the name change application on the same day providing the envelope is clearly marked ‘FOR THE ATTENTION OF NEW COMPANIES SECTION’ and ‘SAME DAY NAME CHANGE’.

Once Companies House have received your completed and signed special resolution of name change, NM01 form and £50.00 cheque they will change your company name the same day. An official certificate of name change will be sent to you by Companies House to confirm the completion of the process.

SFS can assist you with a company name change. For help changing your company name contact one of our advisors.

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