Sensitive Company Names

When forming a UK company there a some company names or words within company names that are classed as sensitive by Companies House. Sensitive words in a company name are protected by legislation or regulations.

What is a sensitive word in a company name?

A sensitive word within a company name is a word that is protected or monitored by Companies House. Protected words include those that may

  • suggest business pre-eminence, a particular status, or a specific function;
  • imply a connection with a government department, devolved administration or, public authority
  • cause a criminal offence

Some of the rules that are imposed are subjective and down to Companies House interpretation of the rules when reviewing a company name.

SFS will always work with customers and provide assistance in submitting company names that include a sensitive word. Our experienced team can offer you guidance on your preferred name and where required submit the documentation to Companies House.

Unfortunately there are some names that are simply not accepted and some that require approval from authorities that can take weeks to obtain.