SFS Christmas Gift to Local School


The team at SFS would like to thank all of its clients new and old for their business over the past 12 months. We would like to wish everyone that visits our website or office a very happy festive season.

We have enjoyed a successful year to date and look forward to working with our clients in the New Year. It is at this time of year that companies often send corporate christmas cards to their clients. Whilst we appreciate the sentiment of sending cards, we have chosen to donate some money to a worthwhile cause instead. Sending cards is not always environmentally sound, and whilst charity cards can be purchased very little of the actual money is received by the charity itself.

It is for this reason that SFS have decided to help a local school. The beneficiary school is Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College in Bedworth, the largest school in Warwickshire. The PE department have recently developed a girl’s hockey team which has created a lot of interest from the pupils. However, the team is short on kit and the school budgets are very tight. Therefore SFS have purchased the team some much needed kit.

We hope that this gesture is appreciated by the school and our clients. Our Christmas gift is intended to make a small but real difference for the pupils at Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College, both current and future.

The local press even dropped by to record the occasion - SFS at NICOS

Season greetings again and we wish you all a very prosperous New Year.


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