UK Absence Levels Drop

UK Absence Levels Drop

The latest report from the CBI into absenteeism shows that the number of days lost through sickness is at its lowest level for 20 years. The number of six days taken fell from 168 million to 164 million days.

The TUC General Secretary believes that the report shows that we are not a ‘nation of shirkers’. He went on to add that "in fact the reverse is true and many people still struggle into work when they are far too ill to do so”.

It may be claimed that one of the reasons for the improved figures stems from employers believing that their employees are their best asset. Many firms now carefully monitor and manage absence levels which helps to reduce unauthorised time off work.

One of the main reasons for unauthorised absence is employees taking time off work to extend holidays or to have a long weekend. With the World Cup approaching this summer it is feared by some employers that absence levels will increase. However, as most of England’s games are in the evening the general hope is that absence levels should not be too dramatically different.

15 /05/06

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