UK Bosses and Bullying

In a report published by law firm Eversheds it is claimed that bullying by managers is common place within UK firms. The report questioned 1500 people and produced some interesting figures. One of the figures claimed that 9 out of 10 employees had worked for a ‘bad manager’. A further 25% of respondents also claimed that their boss’s management style had become too harsh. Around half also claimed that their boss had been a bully. The report stated that "workers say they respond to managers who are straight-talking and honest, but also someone who is approachable and friendly."

Communication skills were also identified as being a problem area for many managers. 97% of employees stated that they would like their boss to set out their plans more clearly and directly.

Whilst there may be some contentious points within the report, it does highlight a need for managers to consider how they act. It may be argued that managers now need to find the fine line between strong leadership and the friendly approach

Everards warned that companies risk losing money through appointing the wrong manager as there was a strong link between the quality of management and productivity.


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