What details must I include in my company's stationery?

Under the Companies Act 1985, unless you trade in your own name, the company name must be displayed and be clearly legible on all stationery and publications.

Company letterheads and order forms must include:

The full company name in its full legal form, printed in legible lettering
The company's place of registration (for example, registered in London) and registered number
The company's registered office address (the address to which official letters to the company are sent)
Certain types of company have to display additional information on their letterheads and order forms:

Investment companies must state that they are an investment company
Companies that are limited but exempt from using the word 'Limited' in their company name must state this
If companies with share capital state this on their stationery (this is not obligatory), they must state their paid-up share capital rather than their authorised capital
Under the Charities Act 1993 (The Companies Act [Scotland] 1989), charities without the word 'charity' or charitable' in their name must state that they are charities in all their stationery and publications
Companies that open a place of business in Great Britain but which are incorporated elsewhere must state this
A company does not have to display the names of its directors on its letterheads, but if it includes some of them, then it must display them all.

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