What is the Memorandum of Association?

Under the Companies Act 2006 this document is a simple statement. It confirms the intention of the subscribing members to form a company and to become members of the company.
Within a limited by shares company the members are shareholders. In a limited by shares company the memorandum also confirms that each member will hold at last one share.
In a not for profit company the  members are the guarantors.
Previously the memorandum of association was more detailed. Under the Companies Act 1985 the memorandum of association detailed

  • the company's name,
  • where the registered office of the company is situated (in England, Wales or Scotland);
  • and what it will do (its objects).

The object of a company may simply be to carry on business as a general trading commercial company. Other clauses to be included in the memorandum depend on the type of company being incorporated. We will advise you on this if necessary. Our standard memorandum covers most business types so you will be able to trade without restriction, however you should take professional legal advice if concerned.
Your memorandum will depend on when your company was formed.
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