Why do some companies seem cheaper than SFS?

Good question, you must have heard of the saying 'You get what you pay for'! There are a few tactics our competitors use to attract your business:

  • Advertising prices excluding VAT is the obvious one but how clear do they make this?
  • Is postage, government fees and printing included?
  • Every incorporation incurs a minimum £13 Government fee so if someone is offering to register your company for little more than this then be suspicious! The most common way to catch you out is to ask you to spend fifteen minutes keying in all the information about your new business. Once you've spent your valuable time providing all the information they ask for they then hit you with the real cost and offer a number of upgrades that you would probably have expected to be included in the initially advertised price. All of a sudden it's not such a good deal!
  • Are you getting a FULL set of documents. Check that your package includes all the documents that you require- Certificate of Incorporation, Mem & Arts, Registers, Share Certificates, Minutes - We include all of these documents so you need not spend a penny more on your incorporation.
  • Don't be tricked into buying a 'dormant company' that requires 'activating'. All companies are dormant until they actually trade. Any company purchased from us is ready to trade instantly or you can keep it dormant for as long as you wish.
  • Do they provide a FREE PHONE number to help you before and after incorporation?

If you want to benefit from lower prices than are advertised on this site please visit our sister site using the following link . This site is also owned by SFS but is completely automated so allows us to reduce our prices further - Company Formation Agent. If however you prefer the personal touch and wish to order by phone then you are already in the right place. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or to place an order.

Are there any hidden charges?

NO. All of our prices clearly state what is included and we hide nothing. Our Company Formation Packages include the government fee, printing, postage and vat. If you require a service that is charged for annually, such as Nominee Secretary or Registered Office, the price quoted will be all inclusive for the period stated. No scams, no gimmicks, what you see is what you get, if you are not sure call us with any questions.

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